Retrospective: Edelman

I recently revisited some of the creative work I did for Edelman PR several years ago - this was experiential design at it's most broadly conceptual. Most of the work was observational - about defining what Edelman do, how they do it and why - and the brief was incredibly broad, covering visual identity, brand perception and creative processes. Most of the outcome of this work is notes. And post-its. Numerous post-its. However, despite it mostly being bundled up in NDAs (probably still - who knows) I found at least two interesting briefing documents from the project. The rest are redacted sadly. But there are two documents I still stand by in terms of good visual communication, which I've posted below.

Highlights from ‘Facebook killed your designer - the age of superstructures and distributed media'

I did a talk recently at the request of my good friend and Koolhaus collaborateur Si Brown at &&& Associates. It was fun - a good excuse to make some conclusions about modernism, modern design languages and the possible car crash between physical architecture and information architecture. Taking it's roots from an article I'd written here and the post-modern essay JunkSpace by Koolhaus, it probably ended up more niche than I intended, but then I wasn't charging.  Short video and deck below.